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“The success of Opera Café is a team effort.”

“The success of Opera Cafe is a team effort. We trusted the process knowing that the people involved in this amazing team share the same passion, vision, values and goal as we do.”

Every beginning needs a force that pushes towards success. We are very grateful for the team that we’ve built who accompanied us in every step of the way. Each one of them plays a very significant role in this journey. Every member equally shares their knowledge and passion in what they do, creating, elevating and providing the best service our customers deserve.

Hazem Naser, Founder

My team brought out the best in me. Working with passionate people drives and motivates me to do even better.

Working with the team who supports my craft and passion in coffee increases my level of stimulation. I love seeing people smile with every sip of the coffee we serve.


Joining this team is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my entire career. Here, they help us grow and teach us the right mindset at work.

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